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About Dry Gear Solutions

When it comes to call response time in your community, the stakes are always high and lives are at risk. Every community across the nation deserves a prompt response to a call to action by prepared, dependable and knowledgeable firefighters. One thing that can slow down response times to calls is soggy wet turnout gear. It also compromises durable turnouts, creates a number of unnecessary health risks and in certain conditions can result injuries to the firefighter due to steam burns.

Dry Gear Solutions direct drying system is equipped with force ambient or warmed air. This allows you to properly care for and maintain your turnout gear. It is all in compliance with NFPA 1500 and 1851 codes and standards. That means that it adheres to the clause that states that structural fire fighting protective clothing shall be cleaned at least every 6 month as specified in NFPA 1851. The same clause also states that while on duty members shall not wear any clothing that is unsafe due to poor thermal stability. If you do not properly dry your turnouts, they can be thermally unstable which is a serious occupational health and safety issue.

Wet turnouts occur more than some people may think. They can get wet from a number of things such as cleaning them. It also occurs on the job as a firefighter, where most fires and training evolutions get your turnout wet. Also, if there is any inclement weather, such as rain, while you are on the job that will get your turnout wet you then require a clean and dry of your gear. This is important to note because any water that gets into and stays in gear can turn to steam in a firefight. Steam burns are a major cause of injury in the fire service industry.

Our direct drying system is not only NFPA compliant but is also extremely easy to use. All you have to do is select either warmed air floor or ambient airflow. Our user-friendly system will make it easy to safely and effectively eliminate moisture. There are mobile or wall mounts available for all turnout gear. It is also available for rescue suits, HAZMAT suits, survival suits, SCBA masks, helmets and any type of firefighter equipment and gear.

Another great aspect of Dry Gear Solutions drying system equipment is that it is affordable. Our dryers take up less floor space per square foot and cost less than any other competitor’s models. It is also energy efficient to save money and can be purchased through local, state and federal grant programs. It will leave you wondering why you never had one or how you managed without one.

The drying systems are not only easy to use and affordable but they are also built to last. Our dryers are skillfully crafted, in North America, from the highest-grade materials. Also, an optional antimicrobial powder coat finish is available on our dryers to help control mold and bacteria. It is built in accordance with NFPA regulations, the standard on firefighter turnout gear to increase longevity. Finally, our drying systems operate on 110 volts and plugs into standard outlets so no special wiring is needed. Dry Gear’s drying system is the toughest drying standard in the world for fire service.