Our Approach

At Dry Gear Solutions, we believe that all firefighters deserve to be protected and safe. Using our direct drying system ensures just that. We dry your gear quickly and safely so that your turnout is safe to use again when you need it next. Our valued customers feel the same way.


This gear dryer (the PS4/R8) has made an impact on clean gear for Pleasant Gap Fire Company.  There are no more excuses!  As with any equipment, apparatus, or supplies, we are always expected to be ready, this gear dryer solution has made that a reality for personal protective equipment.  We can clean and have a dry set of TOG within three hours and we are not defeating any protective characteristic or challenging the integrity to accomplish this, simply using the dryer as specified.  At first, the cost may seem excessive, the value statement is solid, you have clean dry gear in a very small fraction of the time with other conventional practices.  The construction is solid, the balanced air flow throughout the assembly is the key success of the design.  This dryer satisfies the need for a complete set of gear, including boots, gloves, hoods, etc. We are extremely pleased with the investment we have made.

Lou Brungard, Chief: Pleasant Gap Fire Co. Pleasant Gap

Dollar for dollar the best dryer (the PS4/R8) on the market today. We searched high and low for the best quality dryer at the best price and this is it. Our guys now regularly wash their turn out gear and dry it using the dryer. Recently we had a large fire and the dryer delivered as promised. Our neighboring stations used our extractor and this dryer and everyone was back in service within hours.

Dan Burkett, Chief: South Newton Twp. VFC. Walnut Bottom, PA

What an incredible dryer (PS2 & PS4/R8)! We bought 4 and are looking at purchasing another soon. When we return from a call whether or not it is big or small; we can now provide our firefighters with a better way to dry their turnout gear than hanging it up wet. Thank you!

Dan Hoff, BN Chief: YAUFR, York, PA

Our dryer (the PS4/R8) performs brilliantly. We will definitely be purchasing another for our other station. Bring on the cold and wet!

Robert McGrath, Chief: Town of Stratford FD, Stratford, CT

This dryer (the PS4/R8) is everything we searched for at a much more reasonable price. The high quality construction and performance will be a great addition to our new fire house. Every fire station should have one of these in their station.

Andy Dresher, Union Deposit VFC, Hershey, PA

Where were you guys 30 years ago? We love our PS4/R8 dryer! It does exactly what is expected and we use it all the time. Great dryer, great price, great service!

John Alexander, Chief; Lampeter Twp. Vol. Fire Co. Lampeter, PA

This SCBA face piece dryer (the RP16) is the best! No more waiting days for dry face pieces. We are ready to go within an hour.

Steve Goho, President: Hampden Twp. Fire Co. Mechanicsburg, PA

Our PC2 dries our rescue suits in hours and not days. No more smell! What a great quality product!

Cindi Pietroski, Mt. Vernon VFC, Princess Anne, MD